Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Making progress.

Just an update on how things are going.

The blanket is coming along pretty nicely. I've got a couple of retarded messed up bits but you can only see them on the underside. So that's cool. I'm having a huge problem with the cables though. I don't know if maybe I'm doing it the wrong way or something? Just that when I'm knitting the stitches off of the cable needle they are SO tight. It is literally almost impossible to get them off. It takes me about four times as long to do that row because I am struggling with them so much. I am moving twelve stitches from one side of my work to the other, so I guess it makes sense that they would be tight but JEEZE. *huffs* It's pretty much intensive physical labor.

I also started this sock. The Simple Ginny Socks . Hopefully I have enough yarn to do two of them and maybe just maybe they will fit onto something remotely resembling a human foot. We shall see.
Also: I have not gone gaga for orange. The sock yarn was on sale. It's a bamboo wool mix I think.