Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cricket's Technicolor Technocozy

This is another old project of mine. I'd just gotten a new phone and was having problems with buttons getting pressed while it was in my bag. So I looked at the pattern for "Cricket's technicolor technocozy" in Stitch n' Bitch the knitters handbook and modified it a little bit to fit my own phone [and my own lazyness- this version is all one piece sewn together on the sides]. I made it a little bit wide so that the sides could be folded in for extra cushioning, to prevent button pressing. The yarn is just some cheap variegated leftover acrylic from Walmart. It was a good learning piece for me. It was the first piece I tried that involved sewing and the first pattern that I modified to fit my own needs. I also learned to make a button hole. :] I will probably do more of these at some point for various things. My Nintendo DS and my ipod need covers. Art majors can always use more pencil cases as well. In fact, the phone that I bought eventually stopped working, so my crayons now have a cozy little place to stay when the bottom of the box starts to fall out. :p

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  1. thats just the cutest thing ever ^_^.