Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rupert's Cat Bed.

I am supposed to be getting a new kitty on the sixteenth! I decided to use some of my tiny tiny stash to make a cat bed for him. The pattern is adapted yet again from Stitch n' Bitch The knitters handbook. I'm pretty excited about it. This is my first project using proper decreases, and my first project knitting with two yarns at once. This picture is of the beginning of the bottom section. [a large circle] The pink part is made from Lion Brand Homespun and some eyelash yarn I bought a few years ago. I had planned to make a scarf as a Christmas gift with it, but plans change :] I'm knitting it on double pointed needles but only because I didn't have the size I wanted in a regular set of needles. I thought that a chunkier knit would make for a more cushy bed. If he doesn't want to sleep in this when it is finished I will probably be very very sad.


  1. super cute! I think your kitty will be thrilled! :)

  2. I totally recognize that yarn. The first project I ever did was the using the same yarn in blue (it was hideous--the project, not the yarn).